Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aussie Fish Burritos

We had Barrumundi last night and there was so much of it, I only cooked half, so tonight I'm going to make fish burritos, as I have quite a few of the fixings. They won't be like traditional fish tacos, but they'll still be good.

Refried Beans
Shredded Lettuce
Carrots, shaved
Sesame Oil
Salt & Pepper

Heat oil in pan. Dust fish with seasonings. Fry on both sides until cooked through, then break apart into small pieces and squeeze lime over fish. Warm tortillas and refried beans. Spread beans on tortillas, top with fish, shredded lettuce, carrots and cheese. Wrap up and feast on!


Muddiah said...

I made a version of this last evening and they were quite tasty. Especially when enjoyed with a glass of Penfold's Koonunga Hill Chardonnay that I found on sale at TJ's! BTW what were the names of the other two wineries we visited when I was there?

Suzer said...

Wolf Blass & Seppeltsfield

Muddiah said...

Oh yeah. How could I forget Wolf Blass...Bill's brother? :)

Will have to check for those next time I visit TJ's.