Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chicken stew with buckwheat polenta

This is a Slovene recipe from my friend Brina (she's a kickin cook!)

600 g of chicken thighs (or different parts of chicken)
40 g of onions
200 g of chopped vegetables (leek, celery, carrot, yellow kohlrabi)
bay leaf
white flour
white wine or vinegar
100 g of potatoes
150 g of buckwheat flour
100 g of white flour
80 g with cracklings in fat
ground white pepper

Fry cleaned chicken thighs on fat, add chopped onions, brown, baste with wine, wait for the wine to evaporate, add spices, salt, baste with water or chicken soup and cook for 15 minutes, add noodles made from vegetables, cook for another 10 minutes, add light browned mixture made of fat, flour, chopped onions; boil, enhance the taste, pour in a tablespoonful of good vinegar and serve with buckwheat polenta.Buckwheat polenta:Cook peeled and sliced potatoes in salted water, let the potato boil for 10 minutes, pour a mixture of buckwheat and white flour into the water, cover it; when the water boils over the flour (the flour sticks together, forming a coherent mass) thrust the flour with the ladle and slowly cook for 20 minutes. Pour out the water from the cooked polenta, but keep it. On top, pour the oil with the cracklings and stir the polenta with kitchen forks. Adjust the thickness or the moistness of the polenta by pouring in the water (in which the polenta had been cooked) you have put aside.

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