Monday, February 04, 2008

Apple, Pear & Peach crumble

2 apples
2 peaches
2 pears
1 & 3/4 brown sugar
2 c. oats
1 c. flour
2 tbsp butter

Thinly slice fruit and layer in medium rectangular pyrex slightly greased with butter. Sprinkle 3/4 c. brown sugar, cinnamon to taste & about 1/3 cup water over fruit. In separate bowl, mix flour, oats, rest of brown sugar and butter. Spread oat mix over fruit and press down. Cook in 180/350 degree oven for approx 45 minutes.

*Can be served with custard or vanilla ice cream


We Are Not Martha said...

This sounds delicious and easy too! Thanks :)

Snoopy said...

Hi! Suzer,

It looks really easy to make this dessert. I realised that you don't use biscuits crumbs to line the base?

Whenever I make apple crumble, I will line the base with disgestive biscuits crumbs.

May I know if you use can peaches and pears?


Suzer said...

I used fresh that time, but I'm sure you could do either:)


Snoopy said...

Thanks, Suzer. I will bake using canned peaches and pear and let you know the result. It's difficult to get fresh peaches in Singapore. I am able to find pears at the market.

Will let u know. :)

Suzer said...

Thanks for sharing that---I was wondering why you were asking about canned fruit, but it never occured to me that fresh would be difficult to get.

Snoopy said...

Fresh peaches can be found at the market twice a year that is about this time (fruits from USA) and in Dec (from Australia).

Whereas pears, I see it very often now. I simply love the fruits in Australia. I was in Perth 1.5 yrs ago and that's during summer. Was at Frementle and I "melted" when I saw the lovely fruits. I love fruit wines too. Grapefruit, passionfruit. Oh dear.... I can go on and on and on...... :)