Sunday, March 16, 2008

Food Blog Wanderings Part 2

Grasshopper Pie (it just sounds interesting)
Banana Coconut Bread Pudding (need I say more)
Anzac Biscuits (something very Austral-Kiwi)
Sweet Potato Cheesecake (because any cheesecake is good!)
Real Chocolate Moose (from a fellow 'Yank' down under)
Duck Laksa (Duck and spicy soup, yum)
Spicy Eggplant Pea Yogurt thingie (for my once a week veggie meal)
Sea Bass Poached in Creamy Curry Sauce
Thai Style Mince Pork & Pineapple Noodle Salad
Dead Good Carbonara (looks like a simple but gorgeous version)
Ginger Sweet Potato Fries (could also be a main)
Ken Hom's Cold Cucumber with Garlic
Orange Yogurt Bread
Watermelon Honeydew Juice (this site has so many fabulous healthy drinkie recipes)

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